Future proof Virtual Head Offices

A central head office function that can be accessed remotely.

No need to be on-site or on location.

Suitable for any business where head office functions like accounting, marketing, design, sales, procurement, and administration need not be undertaken inexpensive office facilities.

A bit like what happened during the pandemic. Remember that? Yes, you are right, it is still with us.

All businesses have had to adapt, whether they are manufacturing, construction, wholesale or retail. During 2020, you have kept people that are on the shop or factory floor, you have continued to make and build things. What you have also done is keep all non-essential staff at home to keep them safe. You have provided the means for them to do their job and furloughed any that you have not required.

Central Head Office
 Outsourced to yourself.

You have outsourced to yourself.

Your Head Office functions were and are being actioned remotely.

Although, the benefit of outsourcing is what you have missed. The remote workers are still your employees, they still deserve holidays and they want to be paid for sickness. Unless you run a very tight ship, the management of your employees has become harder as they are not in the office but maybe in front of their laptop listening to music or watching daytime television. They may or may not be as productive as they usually are – that is for you to decide.

Shared Services

TSZServices offer Shared Services exclusively through our network – restricted to only a few providers to maintain our confidential service and quality.

These shared services are head office functions for the smaller business that doesn’t have or no longer needs an expensive head office along with all the other associated costs (employees, furniture, IT, energy bills, business rates, etc.)

We empower small businesses to operate a more cost-effective solution to grow or maintain their performance by providing the resource and infrastructure they need.

Managed Services

TSZServices also offer Managed Services, once more, exclusively through our registered providers.

Managed Services are literally our shared services above except they are led by a Director that takes responsibility for the workflow and the work being done. Unlike Shared Services where all that is being given is access to the resource and infrastructure, you can leave every function to your nominated Director. The department works solely for your business and is accountable to you, yet you do not have the normal costs associated with being an employer and no requirement to provide office space, furniture, and technology.

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Nothing new to what we do, we have been around for 15 years and understand outsourcing. Over the past few years, we have noticed the outsourced model was not fit for purpose. The current pandemic highlighted its flaws to the nth degree.

  • Communication is key
  • Responsibility must be shared
  • Work together or it won’t work

Our Shared and Managed Services model has been working flawlessly with manufacturers over a number of years. Manufacturers, you will no doubt have heard of if we were allowed to tell you who they are.

In a nutshell, they do all the things that they excel at and leave the mundane, often repetitive tasks to one of our Directors who take full responsibility for the performance of the team. Examples can be provided upon request but all our client details and anything else that may be given their name away will be redacted (client confidentiality is of the utmost importance).

We are able to do this because we have access to The Support Zone, The Support Zone employs trained staff, trained in every area required for a fully functional business to operate.

  • Call Answering Outbound Sales
  • Logo design to Websites
  • Receipts Management to Full Accounts
  • Email set up to Hardware Installation
  • Lead Generation to Closing
  • How-to Guides to Process Manuals
  • Keywords to Advanced SEO
  • 2D drawings to Planning Permission
  • Employee Checks to Training
  • Job ads to Recruitment
  • Webchat to Email Campaigns
  • Email Responses to Landing Pages

In order for an outsource operation to work properly, a business has to truly understand;

  • Nature of the work
  • Giving instructions
  • Receiving instructions
  • Regular checks
  • Regular feedback
  • Quality control
Outsource operation

Proven Expertise

We are experts in this field and we have built our business to cater for all businesses, regardless of the industry they are in and their size. Our work is not unique, any company that has the experience we have can offer this, as long as they have a track record of;

A robust infrastructure

A pool of trained staff


Proven systems


Tested processes

Understanding of outsourcing

All managed by Directors of the highest calibre.
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